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Server Failure? Medford Computer Specialists Can Protect You
September 22, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of two Medford computer specialists working on a server in a room lit with purple light.

No matter the size of your company or your field, your IT is critical for your business functions. Old and outdated equipment and software may seem “good enough,” but in fact, they leave you vulnerable to hacking and data loss. If your organization doesn’t have an IT department, no one maintains your computers and network. Outsourcing to Medford computer specialists like ITs Managed allows you to keep your organization secure and operational by addressing mundane updates and upgrades or protecting you in case of a complete server failure.

What is a server failure?

A server failure occurs when your company’s system stops operating, interrupting operations either for a few minutes or potentially days. Server failure can cost your organization thousands of dollars in just a few minutes. You and your clients will lose access to important data during the service outage, potentially halting operations and service and requiring repairs.

At Argonne National Laboratory, MIRA has been ranked the third fastest supercomputer in the world as of 2012.

Are you at risk of these common server failure causes?

When you work with a Medford computer specialist, they’ll evaluate your organization for potential risks to help prevent a server failure.

Internal risks for server failure

While external threats get more attention in the media and are just as important to prepare for, internal risks are easier to address. These things can cause a server failure:

  • Overheating: just by running at too hot a temperature, your server can run slowly or fail.
  • Hardware issues: if you’re using old or outdated equipment, you’re at higher risk of something malfunctioning or failing.
  • Operating system issues: upgrading your operating system might feel like a hassle, but an outdated OS causes bugs, data corruption and leaves you vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Partnering with Medford computer specialists ensures you’ve addressed some of the more common threats for server failure.

External risks for server failure

External threats are those that you have less control over preventing. Instead, an IT specialist will focus on mitigating the damage they cause.

  • Attack: there are myriad ways hackers can attack your system and cause a server failure, from viruses, to sabotage and network infiltration strategies.
  • Natural disasters: natural disasters like heat waves, fires, and floods are risks for server failure.

It’s impossible to predict every internal and external risk you might face. Still, a computer specialist in Medford can help protect your organization if a complete server failure occurs.

IT specialists can help in case of server failure.

When a Medford computer specialist works with your organization, they’ll identify and address internal and external risks for server failure.

  • Creating redundancies for operating components
  • Establishing a standby system

These measures are for organizations that need to be operational 100 percent of the time, such as companies that offer online shopping.

  • Defensive software to detect and deflect attacks from hackers.
  • Training for staff to recognize phishing efforts and signs of infiltration.

A well-trained staff will recognize hacking efforts or a compromised system to avoid and respond to hackers.

One of the most important ways to protect yourself against a server failure is data backup and recovery strategies. An IT specialist can provide cloud services with incremental and full backup. In case of a complete server failure, they’ll help you restore operations with minimal interruption in operations.

ITs Managed provides computer specialists to Medford, Grants Pass, and the Southern Oregon Coast.

ITs Managed has hundreds of happy clients across Oregon because we’re committed to providing the IT experience that business owners deserve. In our industry, nickel and diming, poor response time, and a lack of knowledge and experience are common. Our team has almost three decades of experience working in IT and treats our clients how we want to be treated. That means explaining issues without tech-speak, showing up on time, and providing transparent estimates for our work.

We’re happy to help with whatever issues you’re facing, from preparing for potential server failure to network installation and proactive computer support. Contact our Medford computer specialists to discuss your IT needs.