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Broken Computer? Help from Small Business IT Solutions in Brookings, OR
April 15, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Broken computer to be fixed by small business IT managed solutions in Brookings, OR.

You’ve tried the classic switching it off and on again. You’ve searched Google on your phone for any kind of fix. Everything you try leaves you with the same blank screen or head-scratching mass of characters.

But customer inquiries are going unanswered. You can’t access the information and software you need to work. Business is at a standstill and you don’t know for how long. Your computer’s broken. You need to do something — anything.

ITs Managed understands. Our small business IT solutions in Brookings, OR help customers overcome your situation.

Your computer’s broken, so let’s try to get you up and running again:

Find professional technology support

The most essential thing to do now is to find a professional who can assess the problem and devise the best and quickest way forward.

In the meantime, you might need to reschedule with customers until this is all sorted out.

In evaluating the scale of your computer malfunction, they will assess things such as:

Your data

If you have all your data locally stored, a professional will help you see if it’s still intact. We’re talking about important records like customer contact information, invoices, and employee data, among others.

And if you’re periodically backing some of your data up to the cloud or a separate local server, they’ll see if your computer’s breakdown has compromised any of it.

Your security

Small businesses are popular targets for bad faith actors. Your computer trouble creates an opportune time for hackers to strike. An IT specialist quickly checks the state of your cybersecurity and helps to ensure it while your system is repaired.

Repairing your system

After evaluating the scope of the damage, an IT specialist starts repairing your system. The length and resources needed for the repair both depend on the specific problem your system’s encountered.

Going forward with small business IT solutions in Brookings, OR

While your computer is going to be fixed and your business will be running again as normal, you can agree that this isn’t something you want to experience again any time soon.

The most effective way to guard against future computer and IT problems is to partner with a managed IT service.

They’ll help your business in a few crucial ways.

Continuous monitoring

Many computer problems don’t come unexpectedly. The signs are visible from far off to a trained eye.

A managed IT service continuously monitors your systems for signs of trouble. If they spot any, they’ll handle them before you’ve even noticed there was an issue.

In other words, a managed IT service regularly checks for and fixes performance problems within your system to heavily minimize the chances of downtime.


It could be that your computer problems are the result of an outdated system. As software and processing needs get more complex, your hardware needs to be able to keep up. Otherwise, there’ll always be frequent slowdowns, breakdowns, and business disruption.

Managed IT services let you know when your systems need an upgrade to keep serving you effectively. And they can identify the right components to meet your business’ exact needs.

Timely action

Lastly, managed IT services ensure that, if your computer ever breaks down again, you’ll have experts ready to fix it immediately.

Contact us for small business IT solutions in Brookings, OR

ITs Managed has more than 30 years’ experience providing small business IT solutions in Brookings, OR, as well as in Grants Pass and Medford. If your broken computer or malfunctioning IT systems are getting in the way of your business’ performance, let us help.

We can assist with ongoing support, cloud services, and tech solutions customized exactly for your business. Reach out to us today.